Construction Begins at King Creek Wind

March 9, 2021

Here in Montana, you know it’s officially spring when construction season starts. Our wintertime blues are eased, because King Creek Wind has broken ground!

King Creek 1 Wind is located in Throckmorton and Haskell Counties, Texas, and is owned by EDF Renewables. With a design made up of 47 wind turbines, EDF is anticipating construction to produce 300 construction jobs at its peak.

ECI and EPCS are helping bring King Creek’s renewable energy to customers through our substation and transmission line designs. EPCS and ECI are providing the design, build, and construction management to King Creek’s 345 kV substation and 5 miles of transmission line for interconnection. Throughout our dozens of projects together, EDF and ECI have forged a strong relationship, one that’s sure to bring about even more exciting projects!

To learn more about King Creek and the start of construction, read here and here.

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