Creating a Sustainable Future: Samson Solar

November 25, 2020

Did you know that ECI is involved in some capacity with 13% of all solar development in the United States? It’s because we know renewable energy has a bright, sustainable future.

Electrical Consultants, Inc. is thrilled to announce we’ve joined forces with our longtime friends at Invenergy to create Samson Solar, the largest solar project to date in the United States.

Located in Northeast Texas, Samson Solar is a 1,310 megawatt solar farm spanning three counties and will be fully operational by 2023. In comparison, the current largest solar farm in the United States, Gemini Project, has a total capacity of 690 megawatts. Samson is anticipated to create a peak of 600 construction jobs in the area.

Esteban Correa, Manager of Renewable Electrical Engineering at Invenergy, says about ECI’s collaboration with Invenergy, “This project is a huge running accomplishment for Invenergy (and the renewable energy industry!) that couldn’t be done without the support of whole Samson ECI team. I personally truly value the continued support from ECI through the years…let’s keep the good work rolling here – and thanks again!”

Read more about this exciting project here and here!


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