Department Spotlight: ECI’s Environmental Services

November 18, 2020

While ECI’s known for electrical engineering, that’s not all we do. In fact, we have many ancillary departments that provide great work too. Take a moment to learn more about one of them: ECI’s Environmental Services Department!

Started in 2011, the Environmental group is a team of seven full-time professionals based out of Billings, as well as a subconsultant in Denver. Environmental Services is continuing to grow, adding two more professionals to our Madison and San Diego offices in the coming months. Led by manager Ryan Davis, Environmental Services can contribute to projects in many ways. “Our first role is providing sound advice for risk reduction in terms of regulatory and permitting strategies for our clients,” says Davis. “The second role is acquiring permits for our substation and transmission projects.”

Environmental permitting is a cornerstone to any successful design and construction project. ECI’s Environmental Department acquires general environmental permits, as well as specific wetland, biological and cultural resource clearances. They also do minor permitting efforts related to construction, like stormwater pollution prevention, road encroachments and crossing and building permits.

In addition to more traditional environmental services, ECI’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) team is also included in the Environmental Department. Our GIS Analysts supply a variety of mapping solutions and technical data to our engineering teams.

“The most rewarding part of the job is successful execution of our projects,” says Davis. “We are lucky enough to work with dozens of teams in both engineering and construction; it is extremely satisfying when our teams work together to complete a high-quality product.” On the other hand, a more difficult aspect of their work is the pressure of spearheading the initial project startup. “Whether it is an engineering or construction project, we are usually the first in line for project execution,” Davis says.

One of the best qualities you can have as an environmental professional is curiosity, says Davis. “Because we do so much research into regulation in varying geographies within different levels of government, we are constantly learning about new rules and strategies to complete our work.”

We’re proud to have such a dedicated, knowledgeable team providing environmental solutions to ECI. Keep up the good work, Environmental Services!


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