Fostering Communication, Inspiring Momentum: Celebrating ECI Promotions

April 29, 2021

Join us in celebrating the new roles of two long-time ECI staff members: Tom Rodacker, P.E., Director of Substation Engineering, and Michael Heikens, P.E., Director of Transmission Engineering!

Tom has been an ECI team member for 25 years in the Billings, Montana office, joining the company in 1996. From those early days, ECI and Tom have both grown to possess industry-leading technical acumen and strong design skills. As Director of Substation Engineering, Tom will assume a broad role, directing the performance of substation engineering across all ECI offices to ensure ECI’s high standards are consistently met.

Mike has been an ECI team member for 14 years, starting his career as a design engineer in Billings and eventually transferring to our Madison, Wisconsin base, initially as the Engineering Manager and currently as the General Manager. In his newly expanded role parallel to Tom’s, Mike will direct transmission designs companywide, as well as continue to lead our Madison office.

Motivation lies where it always has: the people. “We have some of the best people in the industry working for us and I am constantly impressed with what our teams can accomplish,” said Mike. “Our clients ask us to solve complicated and challenging projects, and it is very satisfying to see this group of professionals come together to help solve those problems.”

We’ve got talented engineers in spades, but getting our numerous design teams in sync isn’t a simple task. In Tom and Mike’s new roles, strong collaboration will be the name of the game. But with offices spread coast to coast, our team members have to work hard to communicate with one another effectively. As company Directors, Tom and Mike will help bridge the communication gap between our design teams, creating united, cross-office engineering projects. “I see our teams continuing to move towards a more collaborative environment across our offices and regions,” said Mike. “My immediate goal is to learn more about our transmission teams across our company and better understand how I can help them be successful.”

Tom and Mike, congratulations on your new positions! In this era of ECI expansion and growth, strong, open dialogue among our staff is more important than ever. We’re excited to see how you help take ECI from individuals to a united team.

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