Powering the Future – Announcing the Completion of Miami Substation

April 27, 2018

ECI is excited to announce the completion of Florida Power & Light’s Miami Substation! Located in Miami, Florida, this is no ordinary substation. This 230-138 kV facility is FPL’s largest enclosed substation. Fully enclosed in a mosaic-style design, this ECI designed facility provides for essential power needs while maintaining aesthetic appeal in the downtown area.

This three-year project came with its own special set of challenges and considerations. Transformer failure would result in large outages in a densely populated urban setting. Space constraints dictated that engineering and architectural design needed to be extremely precise and accurate. But through the collaborative efforts of FPL and ECI, this highly successful project has now enhanced the reliability of Miami’s electrical grid, providing stable power to thousands. Eric Silagy, President and CEO of FPL said in T&D World, “This state-of-the-art facility is yet another example of our steadfast commitment to continuing to provide the power that Miami relies upon today and well into the future, and is illustrative of our shared goal with the city of Miami and Miami-Dade County of continuing to help grow this dynamic and vibrant community.”


Team ECI, congratulations on another successful project!


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