Aeolus – Jim Bridger Survey

Sweetwater County, WY, USA

Environmental & Permitting, Survey

Project Highlights

  • Conducted site surveys and effective construction staking.
  • Identified and notified design and construction team of unforeseen construction obstacles.
  • Coordinated with BLM and Environmental teams.
  • Provided staking and foundation verification layout sheets for QA/QC.
  • Included MSHA and OSHA 30 trained crews.

ECI provided surveying services to a single-circuit 500 kV line running approximately 140 miles from the Aeolus Substation in Eastern Wyoming to the Anticline Substation near the Jim Bridger Power Plant in Western Wyoming. Using years of experience surveying high voltage transmission lines and an in-depth understanding of power line design and construction requirements, survey crews were able to verify constructability and alert the design and construction teams to field issues for structure and access relocations early in the construction process. By working with the Bureau of Land Management and environmental teams, ECI was able to lay out access roads and work areas through remote areas, limiting disturbances and protecting sensitive environmental and cultural areas.

Work performed included:

  • Lattice Tower foundation staking for construction.
  • Direct Embed & Pier staking for construction.
  • Right-of-Way Staking of the transmission corridor.
  • Staking of Access Roads, Construction Pads.
  • Construction Support/On call services

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