Eagle Ford As-Built One Lines and Arc Flash

Kenedy County, TX, USA

Industrial Design, System Planning & Protection

Project Highlights

  • Facilities already in service.
  • Responsible for As-Built existing one-lines.
  • Responsible for coordination studies and arc flash studies for all central facilities and distribution access points.

Each facility under study consisted of a G&W Viper Recloser with SEL 651R recloser controls, a 4-way or 6-way G&W VFI switchgear with Form 3 control, well site distribution and a central facility. The central facility housed the Motor Control Center (MCC) for the tank farm and flares as well as the G&W VFI and recloser. ECI kept a field technician on-site throughout the project for updating one-lines to send to Marathon. Once the drawings for a facility were approved by Marathon, an existing software model was updated to reflect any changes in the drawings.

A coordination and arc flash study was then performed to determine incident energies and locations with improper coordination. After the analysis was complete, a report with recommendations for improvements was provided along with arc flash labels for placement on analyzed equipment. ECI was also responsible for affixing the labels to the equipment once approved by Marathon.

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