Holloway Substation

Belmont County, OH, USA

Substation & Switchyard

Project Highlights

  • Designed and built adjacent 138 kV and 345 kV yards.
  • Worked within T&E seasonal construction restrictions.

ECI was engaged to provide a full range of EPC services for AEP’s Holloway Substation Project. ECI was responsible for complete electrical engineering design, procurement, construction and material management for a new 138/345 kV station as a result of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland Interconnection, LLC (PJM) overloads based on generation deactivation. The overall development encompasses two separate yards, one station at 138 kV and a second adjacent station at 345 kV.

The arrangement for the Holloway 345 kV yard consists of a breaker and a half layout with one (1) 345/138/34.5 kV 675 MVA transformer. There are three (3) 345 kV line breakers and two (2) 345 kV autotransformer circuit breakers. One 345 kV line passes through the station on A frame dead-end structures on the north side of the yard. The second 345 kV line is tapped in the yard to provide power to the autotransformer. Space is reserved to allow a second autotransformer feed from this line.

The arrangement of the Holloway 138 kV yard consists of a double breaker double bus scheme with nine (9) positions being installed at this time. There are three (3) future positions. There are sixteen (16) 138 kV line circuit breakers, two (2) 138 kV autotransformer circuit breakers and two (2) 138 kV bus-tie circuit breakers.

ECI worked with a previously developed civil grading design provided by AEP as a result of the initial planning and early regulatory and right-of-way acquisition efforts. This design, included cut and fill slopes up to 25 feet in height requiring earthwork of over 500,000 cy to provide the foundation of the electrical design.

EPC Services Company provided full on-site Construction and Material management including planning and consideration for stringent requirements imposed by the county for remediation of additional damage and use of paved road near the site. Seasonal restrictions were imposed for tree clearing in the area as a result of the Indiana Bat, in addition to some protected water channels on site. EPC Services Company provided a full Environmental Protection Plan for implementation as a part of the comprehensive project management. EPC Services Company’s Construction Project Manager was responsible for full compliance with AEP’s safety protocol, design plans and specifications as well as cost and schedule.

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