Jumbo Substation

Nueces County, TX, USA

Substation & Switchyard

Project Highlights

  • Design of 138/13,8 kV substation for a large polymer plant.
  • Special design considerations resulted in the substation being built on a system of reinforced piers to withstand storm surges.
  • Provided turnkey/EPC project execution through our subsidiary, EPC Services.

As the biggest facility of its kind in the world, the Jumbo Plant produces around 1.1 million metric tons of purified terephthalic acid and polyethylene terephthalate, polymers used in the production of plastic and polyester products. The 138/13.8 kV, 85MVA substation designed by ECI and constructed by EPC services is designed to supply the power needs of the facility. The station interconnects with the AEP transmission system at 138 kV. A unique design feature of the station is that it needed to be designed to withstand a 10-foot storm surge on the Gulf of Mexico. As a result, the station was designed on an elevated system of reinforced piers, with equipment access provided by a steel catwalk system, and cabling installed in an underhung above ground outdoor cable tray system.

The station was designed to provide redundant power to the facility, and included two incoming 138 kV Line Bays with dual fiber-optic line differential protection systems, and two 85MVA transformers supplying dual 13.8 kV Switchgear line-ups (provided by the Owner). As a result of requiring two redundant transformers located within a confined area, a firewall system was also required between the two transformers. The station control room was co-located in the client’s Power Distribution Center Building. Other design challenges included utilizing client equipment nomenclature, reconciling IEC equipment specification requirements, and coordinating with the Owner located in Italy (nine time-zones ahead of Phoenix).

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