Lotus Solar Substation and Transmission Line

Madera County, CA, USA

Renewable Energy, Transmission & Distribution

Project Highlights

  • 50-megawatt solar project
  • E-P-C build of 1.62 miles overhead transmission
  • E-P-C build of 800 feet of underground transmission

EPC Services Company (EPCS) provided the design, procurement, construction and testing associated with the Lotus Solar Substation and Transmission Line located in central California. EPCS provides our clients a distinct benefit in the ability to deliver construction, testing and engineering design, through our sister company Electrical Consultants, Inc. (ECI) all under one house.

The project consisted of a 69 kV transmission line on a route consisting of an initial 287-foot overhead span from the PG&E substation to the POCO structure which will also be installed by PG&E. The line then transitions to underground for 800 feet to cross under a 230 kV line. The line then transitions back to overhead for 1.57 miles to the collector substation.

The conductor consists of 795 kcmil 26/7 Drake ACSR for the overhead segment and 750 kcmil for the underground segment. All structures are steel poles with self-supported angles and dead-end structures.

EPCS had representatives at the project site through all phases of construction to manage self-performed and contract work, materials receiving, safety management and other required duties. Our Field Construction Manager was responsible for daily meetings with subcontractors, as well as with Signal Energy personnel weekly or as otherwise required.

EPCS provided all electrical testing and commissioning with in-house resources for the Substation and Transmission Line in accordance with industry standard procedures.

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