Southwest Substation

Davis County, UT, USA

Substation & Switchyard

Project Highlights

  • Rebuild of existing substation
  • Two new 12 MVA transformers
  • Renovation of control shelter
  • Relay replacement
  • Improved site grading

The Southwest Substation is a complete renovation of an existing 46-12.5 kV substation. The existing substation was a low profile sub that had reached the end of its lifecycle. The substation property is landlocked in a residential area. The entire substation minus the control shelter was completely demolished. The new 46-12.5 kV substation has a dual breaker feed through 46 kV bus to two 46-12.47 kV 12/16/20 MVA transformers. The station has two 12.47 kV Main and Transfer metalclad switchgear with two metal clad capacitor banks. The existing control shelter interior was renovated to add new relays and panels, communication room and new battery room including new AC and DC panels. The substation site grading was improved to eliminate standing water in the yard. A New 10’ decorative block wall was placed around the substation to improve the aesthetics for the neighbors.

ECI has been involved in the city council meetings, the city planning commission meeting and public comment sessions relating to the substation renovation as well as providing full procurement support for all major materials purchased for the substation

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