White Hills No. 2 Substation

Mohave County, AZ, USA

Renewable Energy, Substation & Switchyard, Transmission & Distribution

Project Highlights

  • Design of 34.5-345 kV substation and approximately seven (7) miles of total transmission line.
  • Project is part of White Hills Wind Collector Substations Project, a multi-station project in Arizona.

White Hills No. 2 is part of the larger White Hills Wind Collector Substations Project, located in Mohave County, Arizona. Where White Hills No. 1’s substation has a single, 345 kV line terminal, White Hills No. 2 has two (2) 345 kV line terminals in a “feed-thru” design.

ECI’s scope of work on this project involved the full site design of the White Hills No. 2 Substation. The site design included two (2) “open air” wind collector substations with a 34.5/345 kV (132/166/200 MVA) main power transformer (MPT). These two (2) substations connect eighty-nine (89) GE 3.1 MW and eleven (11) GE 3.43 MW wind turbines to the White Hills 345 kV transmission line. In addition to substation designs, approximately six (6) miles of overhead 345 kV transmission line were designed by ECI to connect the two White Hills collector substations. An additional mile of 345 kV transmission line was designed by ECI to interconnect the two White Hills substations to a WAPA-owned 345 kV switchyard.

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