Meet Yelena Radibratovic, ECI’s Newest Engineering Manager

September 10, 2020

Join us in congratulating Yelena Radibratovic on her promotion to Engineering Manager in our San Diego office!

Growing up in Serbia, Yelena had a passion for STEM subjects at a young age. “I’ve always loved math and science, and the ECE school was the best one in my country, so I tried for it and made it,” says Yelena. Graduating in 1998, Yelena has steadily worked her way up in the power industry: “My first job was for the National Power Utility in Serbia, developing standards – a bit boring for a young engineer. That was followed by jobs in two small design firms in San Diego, mostly performing power system studies. And then, ECI happened!”

As ECI’s first female Engineering Manager, Yelena’s new position reflects important changes within ECI and the engineering world. In the United States, only 13% of engineers are women, according to the Society of Female Engineers. While this number can be improved, female engineers have more than doubled from 6% in the 1980s. Yelena recognizes her unique position as a female engineer, but embraces the challenge: “Even though I was many times ‘the only woman on the job,’ I’ve never felt like I don’t belong; and that did not stop me from striving to be at the top of the field.” Yelena advises other female engineers to continue to produce excellent work as a means for advancement: “Just put yourself forward for more responsibilities. Your hard work and contribution will be recognized and awarded!”

As for her professional goals in her new management position, Yelena is keeping her eye on company growth and expanding the San Diego office’s opportunities. “I hope to continue to grow the San Diego office and extend our services with California based developers and utilities,” Yelena says. The exceptional work Yelena’s produced is motivated by those around her: “The people I work with, the people we work for, renewable energy, and the generally dynamic and fun work keep me inspired!”

Outside of work, Yelena and her family love to travel. She stays active in her kids’ lives, including helping with homework, attending PTSA meetings, and being a camping mom in her daughter’s Girl Scout Troop.

Yelena, from everyone at ECI, congratulations on your promotion! We can’t wait to see the great things you do.


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