December 16, 2021

ECI is excited to share that construction on the Hardin Solar 1 Facility is complete!

Site developer Invenergy and owner Dominion Energy recently held a dedication ceremony for this 150-megawatt renewable project. Located in Hardin County, Ohio, Hardin Solar 1 is Dominion’s first solar project in the Buckeye State.[1]

Hardin Solar 1 is the first facility built in the three-phase site plan. Hardin Solar 2, a 170-megawatt generation facility and 60-megawatt battery system, is currently under construction. [2] Hardin Solar 3, a 300-megawatt generation facility, is anticipated to begin operation in 2023.[3]

ECI has a longstanding relationship with Invenergy, working with them on several milestone renewable projects throughout the United States. We’re proud to have provided invaluable power design services for the Hardin 1 site! ECI designed Hardin 1’s 34.5-345 kV substation, consisting of one 34.5-345 kV transformer and six 34.5 kV circuit breakers, with space for one collection feeder bays for capacitor banks. In addition, ECI conducted all studies for the station. These activities created the essential interconnection between the solar site and the power grid. Now, ECI is involved in the designs for the upcoming Hardin Solar 2 Facility, utilizing Hardin 1 site plans as a basis for Hardin 2’s substation.

While Ohio has not previously been at the forefront of solar energy production, the United States’ emphasis on renewable energy sources has made an undeniable impact on the state. As of quarter 2 of 2021, the state of Ohio only has 797 megawatts of solar power installed, but that number is anticipated to increase over 600% in the next five years, according to SEIA.[4] The completion of the Hardin Solar 1 Project points towards the burgeoning demand for solar power spreading throughout the Midwest.

The completion of Hardin 1 marks another successful collaboration between ECI, Invenergy, and Dominion. Congrats to Team Hardin Solar 1 for a job well done!






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