April 2021 New Hires

April 30, 2021

Giving our April hires a warm welcome from all of us here at ECI and EPCS! Read below to learn more about our newest staff members:


Tim Parnell

  • From: I’m originally from Southern California (San Diego). Now, I live west of St. Louis in Wentzville.
  • Pet peeve: Stray shopping carts that mysteriously appear next to my parked car. I believe, however, I can discount metaphysical, extraterrestrial, or magnetic monopoles as likely explanations.
  • First job: My first “real” job was Naval Officer onboard a US attack submarine.
  • Favorite food: Non-Californian pizza.
  • What can you be found doing on a Saturday? That “honey-do” list.
  • Pets: An Australian/American Sheppard named Cordy (short for Cordyline).
  • Family: My wife, Amy, and sisters and brother in Northern California.

Gavin Dolechek

  • From: Laurel, Montana.
  • Pet peeve: Roommates not taking out the trash.
  • First job: I was a paperboy in grade school. My first real job was working at an ice cream shop.
  • Favorite food: I’m a big fan of any Asian food.
  • What can you be found doing on a Saturday? Riding dirt bikes in the warmer months and snowmobiling in the winter.
  • Pets: I have a young rescue dog named Poppy. She’s a mix of about every dog breed under the sun but is mostly shar pei and heeler.
  • Family: I’m not married nor have any kids. I do have a younger brother and sister who are in high school.

Joe Chott

  • From: Sedalia, Colorado
  • First job: Golf course maintenance.
  • Favorite food: My mother’s lasagna.
  • What can you be found doing on a Saturday? Hunting, fishing, and golfing.

Zach Pavlich

  • From: Houston, Texas
  • Pet peeve: Bad drivers,
  • First job: Design engineer at Dashiell,
  • Favorite food: Thai food!
  • What can you be found doing on a Saturday? Woodworking or working in my yard.
  • Pets: Two dogs named Waylon and Maggie, and a cat named Kitty (very original, I know).
  • Family: Wife, no kids.

Dennis Fletcher

  • From: East Texas
  • Pet peeve: Bad manners.
  • First job: Working cows at age 12.
  • Favorite food: Steak.
  • What can you be found doing on a Saturday? Hunting, shooting, or cooking.
  • Pets: Lola, a mini dachshund, Willie, a standard dachshund, and Luci, a pitbull mix
  • Family: My wife, Toni, son, Dustin, daughter-in-law, Kaleigh, granddaughters Ali and Ella, and grandson, Logan.