August 2021 New Hires

August 31, 2021

Please extend a welcome to ECI and EPCS’ August new hires! Read below to learn more about our newest team members:

Teresa Picarella

  • From: Anchorage, Alaska
  • Pet peeve: Loud chewing
  • First job: Hostess at the Cattle Company Steakhouse
  • Favorite food: Spaghetti carbonara
  • What can you be found doing on a Saturday? Going to the beach, sleeping in, and getting brunch!
  • Pets: One cat named Kailo.
  • Family: I am the youngest of three and have two sisters.

Francis Pallagao

  • From: I am from Eastvale, California.
  • Pet peeve: My biggest pet peeve is leaving common places messy.
  • First job: I was a server at a seafood restaurant.
  • Favorite food: My favorite food is shabu-shabu.
  • What can you be found doing on a Saturday? You can find me preparing for my tee time at a golf course.

Shelley Dishner

  • From: I am a Seattle native, but recently moved to Billings from Richmond, Virginia, where I lived for the past 9 years.
  • Pet peeve: Writers who don’t use the Oxford comma.
  • First job: Sales Associate at Nordstrom.
  • Favorite food: Sushi
  • What can you be found doing on a Saturday? Reading, working out, and exploring Montana.
  • Pets: Zoe (6-month old Bullmastiff puppy) and Kat (6-month old calico kitten).
  • Family: Mother, father, two younger sisters, four nieces, and one nephew, spread out between Seattle, Spokane, Idaho Falls, Denver, and Reno.

Brooks Quaintance

  • From: I am originally from Idaho. I graduated from Burley High School. I met my wife in Hailey Idaho. She is from Hardin, Montana.
  • Pet peeve: I would have to say slow drivers in the left hand lane. Sometimes including myself.
  • First job: Overnight stocker and bag boy at a local grocery store.
  • Favorite food: Anything cooked on a grill. Burgers and steaks especially.
  • What can you be found doing on a Saturday? Camping with my family, getting the “honey-do-list” done, sitting around in the front yard with the neighbors.
  • Pets: Milo – Australian Shepherd – 1 year old
  • Family: I live in Billings’ West End with my wife Andrea and our two children, McCrae, 8, and Lachlyn, 6.

Paula Henney

  • From: I grew up in the Milwaukee area, I lived there until I was 22. Right now, I live in DeForest.
  • Pet peeve: When they reorganize the grocery store I go to.
  • First job: My first job was at Houlihan’s restaurant in Brookfield Square as a hostess. Unfortunately, the restaurant is no longer there.
  • Favorite food: I am a picky eater. I like to eat pizza and cheeseburgers, but my favorite is my mom’s lasagna.
  • What can you be found doing on a Saturday? I like to read, crochet, cross stitch, color, and make crafts. If the weather is nice, my husband and I like to go for rides with no destination either in the car or on his motorcycle.
  • Pets: We don’t have any pets. They aren’t allowed where we live, but I would like to have one once we buy a house. I would like a Mini Poodle or Goldendoodle, nothing that sheds.
  • Family: Right now, it’s just my husband and me, no kids yet. We will have kids one day, ideally. I would love to adopt at least one child.

Evgenia Boyko

  • From: I was born in Moldova. My family moved to Russia when I was in high school.
  • First job: One of my first jobs was a hostess at a Japanese restaurant in Portland, Maine.
  • Favorite food: I love Asian flavors.
  • What can you be found doing on a Saturday? Mountain hiking and yoga
  • Pets: I have a Rhodesian ridgeback named Biko.
  • Family: I live with my partner Shawn and Biko in Portland, Maine. My parents live in Saint Petersburg, Russia.



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