Celebrating National Electrical Safety Month

May 1, 2021

May is National Electrical Safety Month, but here at ECI and EPCS, electrical safety’s the name of the game every day of the year! Nothing ensures the success of our jobs more than quality safety practices. Read on to learn a little more about ECI and EPCS’ safety program.

Not a safety practice, but a safety culture

Safety is as much about ensuring the physical wellbeing of staff as it is about cultivating an environment of confidence and security. “Employers who put measures in place to proactively address hazards are telling their employees, ‘We care about you, your families, and the sustainability of our business,’” said Randy McClure, EPC Service’s Corporate Safety Manager. “Businesses that care about their employees have higher retention rates, better bottom lines, and happier workplaces.” Not only can companies save big money in avoiding OSHA fines and Worker’s Compensation claims due to poor safety measures, but established safety programs bring an immeasurable level of assurance to staff.
ECI and EPCS both take safety seriously at our offices, but EPCS must be particularly safety conscious to ensure success on our jobsites. Providing construction management and oversight on numerous high-voltage projects, EPCS’ safety measures are constantly growing and evolving to meet new needs. Pam Potter, ECI’s Corporate Safety Specialist, established our in-house safety department over 10 years ago, creating the very foundation of ECI and EPCS’ safety programs. Now, our companies have 11 full-time Safety Managers spread across the United States, working together to create dynamic safety plans. “Having this much professional safety knowledge and experience focused on our projects is having an enormously positive impact on safety performance and attitudes towards safety,” said Randy.

From the experts: what can you do to ensure safe electrical work? Check out Pam and Randy’s top tips:

1. Ensure everyone involved in electrical work understands the hazards, how to manage them, and exactly what his or her role is in relation to each hazard.
2. Watch for overhead lines every time you use a ladder, work on roofs, trees, or carry long tools or loads. Keep kites, model airplanes, and metallic balloons away from power lines.
3. While on the job, get plenty of rest, eat nutritious food, and drink lots of water to ensure you’ll be focused.
4. Keep electric appliances and tools away from water. Never reach for or unplug an appliance that has fallen into water; instead, turn the power off at the breaker before you unplug the appliance or remove it from the water.
5. Take your duty to stop unsafe acts seriously – stop your fellow workers from practicing unsafe acts and invite other to stop YOUR unsafe acts.

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