Meet Maureen Maloughney, ECI’s Newest HR Director!

January 19, 2021

Last month, Maureen Maloughney accepted the position as ECI and EPCS’ Director of Human Resources after a successful year as our Acting HR Director. Take a moment to learn more about Maureen’s background, the reasons she loves working in HR, and her goals for the future.

While Maureen has worked in the field for several years, she didn’t always envision herself in Human Resources. Graduating with a degree in Business Management, Maureen worked as a Manufacturing Operations Manager for a decade, later taking time off from the workplace to stay home with her two children. When she decided to return to work, “I had to figure out ‘what I wanted to do when I grew up,’” Maureen says. “I loved what the Human Resources field offered – working with managers and employees to make things better and assist in reaching the company’s goals and objectives.”

According to Maureen, of the best things about working in HR is, you won’t get bored. “In HR, I have the opportunity to work with and assist all employees in a variety of areas: recruiting, hiring, training, benefits, and compensation. Every day is different!” Her work is motivated by, simply, a desire to make others’ work performances stronger: “I love it when I am able to explain or educate someone on a topic that will help them do or understand their job better,” she says.

As for HR’s 2021 goals, Maureen keeps an eye on growth and sustainability. “The HR Department wants to be a partner with all offices and employees, recruit and retain a diverse workforce, and administer policies and programs effectively and efficiently, while satisfying our customers which includes all of our employees,” says Maureen.

Outside of work, you can find Maureen reading, working out, wine tasting, and spending time with her two kids.

Congratulations on your new position, Maureen! We expect to see great things from Human Resources in 2021.


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