EPCS Enters AEP’s Zero Harm Club

September 30, 2021

Congratulations to the EPC Services team for another outstanding safety milestone – entry into AEP’s Zero Harm Club! Learn more about this accomplishment from John Ott, EPCS’ Vice President – Business Management, and Randy McClure, EPCS’ Corporate Safety Manager:

In 2021, EPCS received AEP’s transmission exclusive Zero Harm Club award for working 69,000 hours without a First Aid or OSHA-recordable incident. With more than 6 years and a million hours worked on AEP projects, this is the first time EPCS has made the Zero Harm Club. In addition to this accomplishment, EPCS is frequently commended for being a leader across all regions in AEP’s Good Catch program.

These milestones are encouraging reminders that our hard work and commitment at all levels – from administrative assistants to senior leadership – in building a robust safety culture is paying off.  This achievement shows EPCS’ genuine commitment to the safety and health of our staff and our willingness to perform work safely for the biggest clients in our industry. 

THANK YOU to our staff for ensuring that EPC Services makes a positive difference in the safety culture of our industry! Together, we can move ever closer to our goal that everyone is safe at work and at home.



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