July 2021 New Hires

July 31, 2021

The summer months always mean a lot of new hires here at ECI. This year has been no exception! Please welcome our 19 new hires that started in July! Read below to learn more about this dynamite staff:



Andy Maehl

  • From: Billings, Montana
  • Pet peeve: Slow drivers
  • First job: Mowing lawns
  • Favorite food: Beef
  • What can you be found doing on a Saturday? Sports, skiing, fishing and hunting.
  • Pets: My golden retriever named Sugar.

Lane Martin

  • From: Cullowhee, North Carolina
  • Pet peeve: Tangles in my fishing line!
  • First job: Landscaping
  • Favorite food: Burritos
  • What can you be found doing on a Saturday? You can always find me fishing somewhere!
  • Pets: I don’t currently have any pets, but my family has always had dogs. My family’s current dog is a blue heeler/border collie named Sadie.
  • Family: My mom, Lisa, is a professor at Western Carolina University. My dad, Tim, is retired and I have a brother that is 18 months younger than me and his name is Todd.

Dylan Emert

  • From: Hi everyone! I was born and raised in Kansas City (the Kansas Side).
  • Pet peeve: My biggest pet peeve might have to be picky eaters.
  • First job: I started work by mowing lawns and doing other yard care around 13 years old.
  • Favorite food: Some delicious Kansas City burn ends.
  • What can you be found doing on a Saturday? I am always spending time outside. Whether it be hiking, kayaking, playing sports, or going to a game.
  • Pets: None at the moment, but I might look into getting a dog here soon.
  • Family: Two great parents, Meggin and Marty, and two older sisters, Erica (25) and Sarah (23).

Tom Baker

  • From: I am from Houston, Texas.
  • Pet peeve: Consistently late arrivals
  • First job: Pulling electrical and communication cables for my father’s company. They couldn’t fit between hot pipes!
  • Favorite food: Just about everything, I’ll try anything once.
  • What can you be found doing on a Saturday? Watching professional soccer games, RV camping, playing golf, going to theatre, going to the beach, or barbecuing by the pool.
  • Pets: I have three dogs – a black lab, Lucy; a chocolate lab, LeRoy; and a terrier, Bud.
  • Family: Wife Jill and son Brenen (just accepted new job in Florida).

Phil Lowther

  • From: I am from right here in Billings, Montana. I was born and raised here, moved away for college and the first few years of my career, and now I am back to stay.
  • Pet peeve: One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone tries to talk with their mouth full of food. I like seafood, just not “see food.”
  • First job: My first job in high school was as a groundskeeper at the Yellowstone Country Club. I was tasked with moving the holes on the greens and raking the sand traps.
  • Favorite food: I enjoy Chinese food, or a nice ribeye steak and potatoes.
  • What can you be found doing on a Saturday? My hobbies include playing hockey, off roading, camping, and working on cars and trucks.
  • Family: My wife and I recently had a baby girl. Her name is Emarie Michele, born June 3rd, 2021.

Tori Warner

  • From: I’m from Enumclaw, Washington, but I’ve spent most of the last 3 years residing in Pullman, Washington while working on my bachelor’s degree at WSU. Go Cougs!
  • Pet peeve: People saying they are bored when there are lots of things they could do.
  • First job: An internship at my university.
  • Favorite food: Homemade macaroni and cheese is my favorite food, but cheesecake is a close second.
  • What can you be found doing on a Saturday? Hiking, reading, or taking photos.
  • Pets: My family currently has an American Paint Horse named Cimarron. He is a 29-year-old retired pack horse.
  • Family: My immediate family consists of my mom, dad, and older sister.

Klane Pickeral 

  • From: My father was in the Air Force so I’m kinda from all over. I graduated high school in Florida, so I normally say I’m from there.
  • Pet peeve: People’s actions don’t usually bother me too much, but birds…I hate when birds fly overhead. Always feel like I’m going to get pooped on.
  • First job: Cleaning the greens at a putt-putt golf course.
  • Favorite food: Something I haven’t tried before. I like experiencing new things and really appreciate food that has been prepared well.
  • What can you be found doing on a Saturday? I enjoy tinkering with electronics and playing the bagpipes.
  • Pets: I’ve got a standard poodle named Kuli.
  • Family: Got one of them, too!

Logan Dodd

  • From: Clinton, Oklahoma
  • First job: I worked for 6 years as a farm hand.
  • Favorite food: Steak
  • What can you be found doing on a Saturday? Hunting, fishing, watching college football, shooting guns, and having cookouts.
  • Pets: I have a Catahoula named Roscoe.

Ben Seegmiller

  • From: Roy, Utah
  • Pet peeve: Wet socks
  • First job: I started at Stanger’s Greenhouse at age 14 and often rode my RipStik to get there!
  • Favorite food: LaBeau’s raspberry milkshake
  • What can you be found doing on a Saturday? Yard work
  • Pets: A goldfish named Swim Shady.
  • Family: My wife Whitney and baby boy Taft.

Rahi Movassagh

  • From: Iran
  • Pet peeve: People who frequently lie.
  • First job: As a field engineer for a construction company.
  • Favorite food: This is a million-dollar question. I am a foodie and I love everything!
  • What can you be found doing on a Saturday? Spending time outdoors, jogging, and hanging out with friends.
  • Family: I am married to my wife, Shahrzad, and have an 11-month-old daughter, Kayla. Kayla will turn 1 on August 23rd.


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