Meet Caroline Tremblay, ECI’s Engineering Manager of New Jersey Operations

October 1, 2021

We’re excited to share that ECI’s own Caroline Tremblay, P.E., has accepted the position of Engineering Manager of New Jersey Operations! Read on to learn more about Caroline’s history with the company, and her goals in her new position at ECI.

With 18 years of experience in the engineering industry, Caroline has been with ECI since 2014, initially working from ECI’s headquarters in Billings, Montana. “I took a redeye flight from Hawaii for a day-long interview in Billings, was given the opportunity to be initiated in protection,” said Caroline. “And so began my journey with ECI!”

After working in the Billings office for three years, Caroline moved to our up-and-coming Cranford, New Jersey office in 2017 to help cultivate ECI’s East Coast presence. Her experience in the Billings office helped gain new perspective on the challenges of our branch offices: “I realized that, for regional offices, it could be a challenge for engineers and designers to keep up to speed with the company’s latest standards/templates and benefit from lessons learned on recent projects,” Caroline said. “Reaching out can be intimidating sometimes, and one might miss the sense of belonging and being supported.” Strong communication, both across offices and within the New Jersey team itself, has been an important tool to provide company unity: “I want to continue to maintain an environment of collaboration and support. The stronger the team, the stronger its members,” she said.

In her new position as Engineering Manager, “Encouraging technical knowledge is one my top priorities,” said Caroline. “Either through continued education, or by providing support for young engineers to pursue their F.E. and P.E. exams. I want to feed their curiosity, improve their versatility and creativity, and sharpen their problem-solving aptitudes, either through cross training opportunities or by providing individualized support and help opening doors.”

Throughout her time at ECI, Caroline has worked in many different capacities across our network. But her motivation for creating quality engineering solutions remains the same: the people around her. “I’m motivated by seeing other people that are passionate about their work and care about doing it right,” she said. “It may sound like a cliché, but when I look up at our senior managers and see how they can simultaneously be kick-ass engineers and amazing leaders, I am deeply inspired.”

From all of us at ECI and EPCS, congratulations on your new position, Caroline!


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