Jensen-Dinosaur Line Rebuild

Uintah County, Utah, USA

Transmission & Distribution Power Delivery

Moon Lake Electric Association requested a design to replace the existing 23.5-mile 69 kV Jensen-Dinosaur line.  The new line, like the existing line, is a wood pole line consisting predominantly of monopole structures.  Wood H-Frame and three-pole structures are utilized for 2.7 miles between the Jensen station and the Green River on the west end of the line.  Additionally, wood H-Frame and three-pole structures are utilized in other portions of the line where terrain dictates longer spans and for the transition into the MAPCO station.

The conductor for the line is 4/0 ACSR “Penguin” with 477 kcmil 26/7 Strands ACSR “Hawk” in 3 spans at the crossing of the Green River.  The line is shielded by an AFL 48-fiber OPGW.  The line includes a drop into the MAPCO station which involves replacing the main station wood pole H-frame structure while reutilizing the existing equipment on the structure.  The line also includes a new three-way phase-over-phase switch at the Dinosaur Tap.

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