Stabler Feeder Rebuild Project

Skamania County, WA, USA

Transmission & Distribution

Project Highlights

  • Design of 2.1-mile distribution reconductoring.
  • Design accounted for very narrow easements and uprating considerations.

ECI completed the conceptual work, data collection, line design, and construction specifications for a 2.1-mile, 12.47 kV overhead distribution reconductor project involving the crossing of an HV BPA transmission line and complex pole arrangements to add the poles required through narrow easements in the town of Carson, Washington. The pole spacing was narrowed considerably to allow for uprating the conductor to 795 ACSR Drake. The design accounts for construction operations and existing distribution services including, but not limited to, taps and drops.

ECI proposed an initial two-mile rebuild from #2/0 to 795 conductor in order to address ampacity and voltage regulation issues. ECI worked closely with Skamania to determine proper mechanical load cases and preferred materials, and worked with internal system planners to balance phases, eliminate secondary flicker, coordinate fuse sizes and place regulators. Care was given to simplify the structure and assembly unit families for easier maintenance. This project included minor client-requested changes and was completed on schedule.

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