Construction Management

ECI’s construction management services cover all aspects of procurement and construction. ECI recognizes the critical importance of a carefully planned, efficient and traceable material management plan. Our procurement capabilities include all phases of material expediting, laydown yard management and maintenance, material receiving and quality assessments, material non-conformance resolution and material checkout management. ECI’s construction management services include on-site construction management and documentation, construction QA/QC, construction sequencing, scheduling and outage coordination, and site safety compliance and documentation. ECI’s Construction Management Team uses mobile tablet technology to track procurement and construction progress using online digital forms to dynamically upload information to a cloud-based record platform allowing for dynamic reporting and construction management.

  • On-site Construction Management & Documentation
  • Construction Sequencing/Scheduling & Outage Coordination
  • Construction Quality Assurance/Quality Control
  • Contractor Pre-Construction, Preparatory and Routine Meetings & Reporting
  • Contractor Submittal Reviews/Compliance
  • Procurement Expediting
  • On-Site Material Management, Compliance, Tracking, Receiving/Checkout
  • Safety Compliance & Documentation


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