Power System Studies & Planning

ECI’s Power System Studies Team possesses the subject matter expertise and recourses to undertake traditional and specialty power system studies including reactive power studies, transmission load flow studies, transmission generation interconnect studies, temporary overvoltage (TOV) studies, dynamic stability studies, short circuit studies, harmonic analysis, EMF studies, underground cable sizing, substation and collector insulation coordination studies, arc flash studies, construction work plans, long-range plans, distributed generation interconnect studies, load forecast studies, sectionalizing studies, motor starting analysis, and overhead conductor sizing. ECI’s Power System Studies Team also has the domain expertise to execute specialty studies for EHV transmission lines such as insulation coordination (lightning/TFlash, switching, power frequency), unbalanced voltage (transpositions), breaker transient voltage recovery, coupled line resonance, OPGW fault current analysis, and static wire segmentation. ECI’s Power System Studies Team is intimately familiar with the requirements for system planning studies for utility and industrial power systems. Our planning philosophy is predicated on evaluating all primary alternatives for service with an emphasis on system efficiency and economic system design. ECI’s power system studies and analysis are completed using state-of-the-art software including PSS®E (Siemens), PSLF™ (General Electric), PowerWorld, ASPEN™, PSCAD®, Synergi®, ETAP®, SKM Dapper®, CDEGS®, and Milsoft®.


  • Feasibility & Economic Studies for Conceptual Power Systems
  • Long/Short Range System Studies & Construction Work Plans
  • Transmission Load Flow, Dynamic Stability, EMTP, VAR Capacity & Voltage Profile Studies
  • Power System Modeling & Simulation
  • Load Forecasting Studies
  • Reactive Power Planning & Voltage Control
  • DER Integration
  • T&D Interconnection Studies (System Impact, Facility)
  • Operating Studies
  • PSS®E (Siemens), PSLF™ (General Electric), PowerWorld, ASPEN™, PSCAD®, Synergi®, ETAP®, SKM Dapper®, CDEGS®, and Milsoft®


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