Power System Protection Engineering

ECI provides a comprehensive range of services for system protection. ECI’s experience covers all aspects of system protection from 765 kV transmission to 4 kV distribution and all types of generation. Our Protection Team has developed protection for various static and dynamic VAR devices, transformers, breakers, and busses for straight, double breaker, break and a half, and ring bus configurations. Transmission line protection experience includes series compensation, line end reactors, double circuit, cables, under-build, short and long line, and multi-terminal applying all of the typical and specialized protection schemes. Our distribution protection experience includes overcurrent and distance relay protection for looped and radial systems with all forms of bus configurations. Generation protection experience includes hydro, solar, inverter, induction and doubly fed wind, nuclear, coal, combined cycle, BESS, and natural gas applications. ECI protection engineers have set thousands of relays and have experience with all leading manufacturers including SEL, GE, Siemens and others. Experience includes all technology types including electromechanical, solid state, hybrid digital, and full microprocessor based digital relays. Projects have ranged from simple standalone relay systems to complicated communication schemes including 87L, POTT, DCB, DCUB, DUTT, hybrids of these as well as various relay topology technologies such as standard wired designs, some of the first SEL Mirrored Bit hub designs and IEC 61850 GOOSE & Sampled Values designs.

  • Protection Philosophy, Technical Assessments & Standards
  • Short Circuit, Arc Flash & Coordination Studies
  • Relay Settings, Applications & Data Integration
  • Traditional & IEC 61850 Protection Systems
  • Remedial Action & Custom Protection Schemes
  • NERC PRC Calculations & Compliance Reports
  • T&D Interconnection Protection Design & Support
  • IEC 61850 GOOSE, MMS, and SV Designs
  • Relay Monitoring & Event Analysis
  • Testing & Commissioning Support
  • ASPEN™ OneLiner Factory Authorized Training


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