Right–of–Way Services

The focus of ECI’s Right-of-Way (ROW) Team is to provide electric utility and energy clients with a complete range of land services with the added advantage of ECI’s complete design, engineering, construction and commissioning capabilities for construction projects. ECI’s experience includes easement acquisition for electric transmission & distribution lines and oil & gas pipelines as well as site acquisition for electric substations and oil & gas compressor compression stations. ECI’s ROW Team is able to support projects with route studies, landowner (title) and existing rights research, right of entry, right-of-way exhibits, easement negotiation and acquisition, construction support and construction damage claim settlement. To the level needed, ECI can also assist clients with appraisal research and support of the eminent domain process. ECI continues to be at the forefront in the preparation of right-of-way cost analysis, identification of pertinent permitting requirements and the handling of sensitive landowner issues for linear projects.

  • Ownership Research, Due Diligence, Title Research, Appraisals
  • Rights of Entry
  • Surveying & Easement Exhibits
  • Certificates of Survey & Document Preparation Appraisals
  • Easement/Fee Negotiation & Acquisition
  • Escrow Processing & Closing
  • Condemnation Support
  • Construction Damage Resolution
  • ROW Feasibility Studies & Planning Assistance


Cost Effective



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