Substation Engineering Design

ECI’s Substation Team provides design services to a wide variety of electric utilities including municipal, cooperative, and investor-owned, as well as independent power producers and large industrial facilities. Projects range from small facility upgrades to major 765 kV switchyards and generation interconnect stations. Our engineers are experienced in almost every conceivable bus arrangement scheme found in the industry, including radial, ring, modified ring, paired element, main & transfer, breaker and a half and double-bus/double-breaker. ECI is experienced in the application of phase-shifting transformers, EHV series capacitor banks, gas insulated substations, multi-stage back-to-back shunt capacitors and energy storage systems in addition to possessing extensive knowledge and experience in the field of system protection philosophy and SCADA integration. ECI’s Substation Team maintains a high level of technical knowledge, incorporating leading edge concepts and solutions for all facets of substation design while utilizing state-of-the-art technical tools and software such as intelligent 3D CAD design. ECI provides all aspects of substation engineering including physical, electrical, civil, protection, and SCADA integration design, as well as construction management, testing & commissioning, and full EPC construction.

  • Transmission & Distribution Substation/Switchyard Design
  • Substation Modification & Upgrade Design
  • Gas Insulated, Line Compensation & SVC Substation Facilities
  • Physical, Electrical & Communication Design
  • System Protection Design
  • System Integration & SCADA Integration Design
  • Telecommunication & Teleprotection Design
  • Civil Design:  Grading, Structures, Foundations, Roads, Buildings, Walls & Oil Containment Design
  • Grounding Design & Insulation Coordination Studies
  • Intelligent 3D CAD design
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Construction Management & Commissioning/Testing Services


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